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Giff Gaff is a phone network that launched in 2009, and made a name for itself in its first year of operation by winning two industry awards, including the Most Innovative Community Award at the Social CRM Customer Excellence Awards. You might thing it’d be hard to continue such early success but Giff Gaff has managed it!

In 2012 it was also named the best Mobile Virtual Network Operator by the Mobile Industry Awards and Which” Magazine’s 2014 winner of the Best Telecom Services Provider award.

Why so much critical acclaim? Well Giff Gaff’s success is based upon providing customers who don’t want to be tied down to lengthy contracts with flexible alternatives. Through Giff Gaff it is possible to change your contract monthly! Planning on using a lot of data next month and don’t want any unexpected surprises on your next bill?

All you have to do is change your package to include more data and change it back the next month. It’s something perfect for those who travel a lot or those of us who want to be conscious of what we’re spending.

These ‘Goodybags’ are an ideal way to change your minutes, texts and data allowance to suit your needs. This ensures that you’ll only ever be paying for what you’re actually using and nothing more, rather than those of us who constantly pay over £30 a month on other contracts.

What further distinguishes the company form others is that their service is entirely online and there is a strong community of users so you can enter discussions and seek support if required. So if you’re considering changing networks and want one that works for you then look no further than Giff Gaff. We can even help sweeten your next deal even more with the latest discount codes and promotions from Giff Gaff!

Embrace life with no contracts! With your free giffgaff SIM you're in control - get one here!

Expired 31/12/2018

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